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About NC Exterior Restoration - Durham's First-Rate Pressure Washer


NC Exterior Restoration stands as the premier choice in Durham for top-notch pressure washing services. With a commitment to excellence and a reputation for delivering outstanding results, NC Exterior Restoration has become synonymous with quality exterior cleaning in the Durham area when a pressure washer is needed.

As a leading pressure washer service provider, NC Exterior Restoration specializes in revitalizing the appearance of residential and commercial properties. The company takes pride in its skilled team of professionals who employ state-of-the-art pressure washer techniques to remove unsightly elements that can accumulate over time.

Here at NC Exterior Restoration, our business is for profit but also for our community. We're proud to offer a monthly raffle for a free washing service for a single parent in our community, and we can't wait to do more! We are committed to gaining our client's trust and building long-term relationships with each person we meet. We uphold the highest level of service that will surpass our client's expectations and show them that we truly care for their property. It's our goal to give our clients the highest quality service each time and treat them more as a friend and an important member of our community than just another customer.

If you're in need of professional pressure washing in Durham, look no further than NC Exterior Restoration. Our company's track record of excellence, combined with a passion for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of homes and businesses, makes it the go-to choice for exterior restoration services in the Durham area.

We offer a wide range of pressure washer services for Durham to clean every surface from the top of your roof to the edge of your driveway! Our roof cleaning, driveway washing, and leaf removal services will ensure every inch of your property is spotless.

Don't try to DIY any pressure washing projects because we specialize in handling the equipment and have the skills to clean a wide range of surfaces. We can provide soft washing for windows and roofs and powerful pressure washing for driveways and storefronts.

No matter your pressure washer needs for your Durham property, NC Exterior Restoration has got you covered! Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you call 984-227-9527 to schedule our unbeatable pressure washing services. We take pride in our work and we know you take pride in your home or business which is why you can have peace of mind knowing your property is in good hands with NC Exterior Restoration.

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