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Preparing A Home To Be Put Onto The Market in Cedar Grove, NC.

June 14, 2024

Preparing A Home To Be Put Onto The Market in Cedar Grove, NC.

We received a request to prepare this home to be put on the market in Cedar Grove, NC within the next few days. The crew headed out to our clients property two days later, we had an early morning start! We first set up our ladder and thoroughly cleaned out the gutters and made sure the drainage was sufficient. We then went around the home and shed to water down any vegetation, to prevent damage. We then applied our special cleaning solution to the exterior of the home and allowed its proper dwell time. The next step was to rinse off any of the remaining organic build up and debris away and off of the home. Now we are ready for the flat surface cleaning! We applied our cleaning solution to the walkway, parking pad and patio and allowed it the necessary dwell time. Then we brought out our surface cleaner attachment and knocked it all out efficiently. We finished up this project by cleaning the exterior windows of the home. The homeowner is sad to sell the home she has been in for so many years, but very happy to see how clean we left it!!

Service provided: Residential Pressure Washing

Location: Roxboro, NC

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Products Used

On this project we applied sodium hypochlorite, surfactant and filtered water

Client Review

AMAZING!!! 🤩🤩🤩👏👏👏

- Tiffany B

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