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Top Quality House Wash in Durham, NC

June 4, 2024

Top Quality House Wash in Durham, NC 1

This top quality house wash in Durham, NC was performed by myself and my step-daughter. Emma came to help out for the day and did such an awesome job! Emma and I arrived to our clients home and hooked up to their water source. While Emma went around to wet any vegetation around the home, I sat up all the equipment for washing the home. We covered all electrical components and key holes, then went straight into applying our cleaning solution. I went around the home and applied our solution, while Emma followed and rinsed the home to a shiny new clean!

Our client was thrilled, as you can see in the picture, and we left him clean and happy!

Service provided: Residential Pressure Washing

Location: Durham, NC

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Products Used

On this project we used sodium hypochlorite, surfactant and filtered water

Client Review

Dustin was on time with both the estimate and on the day of my pressure washing. His communication was an A+, hard to find now a days with contractors. His attention to detail sets him apart from all other pressure washing companies I've used over the years. His prices were right in line with his competition but his quality of work surpasses them all. Call him if the outside of your house needs freshen up.

- Scott M

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